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Tiger Bill Reviews

George "Spanky" McCurdy

Off Time / On Time



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In this DVD, George "Spanky" McCurdy explains his approach to playing creative "Off Time" grooves and fills. Let's check it out.


Part 1: Basics of Off-Time Playing

"Silk" - Song where Spanky demonstrates moving between 4/4 and 6/8 grooves.

Basic Off-Time Concepts - Here Spanky demonstrates the basics of playing off-time while never losing track of where the "1" even when the "1" is on 2, 3, or 4!

Switcheroo Tracks 1 through 4 - Spanky demonstrates his off-time concepts on four tracks, which you can practice playing along with by accessing the MP3 folder on the DVD.

Part 2: Expanding Your Off-Time Ideas

Off-Time Examples With Click - Practicing your Switcheroo against a metronome.

One-Surface Examples Moved to Entire Kit - Patterns demonstrated on a single surface and then moved around the kit.

NBA JAM and SKY - More songs you can play along with using the MP3 included on the DVD.

Part 3: More Off-Time Concepts

In this section Spanky demonstrates some of his favorite tricks including "partial diddles," "substitutions," "echo," and "CD skip." Included are some MP3 play long tracks.

Fills Over The Bar Line - Spanky demonstrates his concepts and includes an MP3 play along for you to practice with.

Status Quo - Spanky demonstrates his concepts on this Hip-Hop based track and you can practice yours on the included MP3.

Part 4: Hand and Foot Techniques

Cross-Stick Variations

Foot Technique

Cross-Stick Percussion Effect - Cool concept where Spanky imitates a percussionist while playing the normal drumset.

Before and After

Left Foot Hi-Hat - incorporating the left foot with various right stick patterns on the hi-hat.

Foot Dynamics

Sneak Attack - Quick doubles on the kick that sound like triplets.

Ride Cymbal Techniques - 3-note groupings on ride against basic 4 rock groove.

Two-Way Street - Hands are playing one groove while kick is playing a different groove.

Hi-Hat/Snare Combos

Hi-Hat Triple Strokes

Hi-Hat Right Hand Trick

Spring - On the track Spanky incorporates everything he's taught so far. The DVD also includes an MP3 track for your workout.

Part 5: Open Solo and Conclusion

Spanky incorporates everything he's shown on the DVD in a solo and then concludes with some


Off Time / On Time: The Bottom Line

George "Spanky" McCurdy is an extremely creative drummer who shares his many ideas about off time concepts with us with clear and concise instructions. These concepts are easily applicable to R&B, pop, rock, and gospel styles.

Check it out. I'm sure you'll find some ideas that you can add to your own bag of tricks.


Click the link that follows to purchase this DVD at the lowest price online:

Stay loose!

Tiger Bill


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