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Whether you're shopping for drums, replacement parts, percussion, books, videos, or anything else having to do with drums and percussion, you'll find what you need in our complete Web Guide to Buying Drum Gear. We start by offering you the Online Drum Shop with the lowest prices and best service hands down - that's Tiger Bill's Drum Shop. If we have what you need, you won't find a better price or higher level of customer service anywhere!

Tiger Bill's Online Drum Shop

Tiger Bill's Best Online Drum Shop at Tiger Bill's Best - Drum Shop offers you the Lowest Prices on Tiger Bill's original concepts of Tension Free Drumming series plus other books, videos, DVDs, and selected Drum Gear including Axis Double Pedals, Hansenfutz Accessory Pedals, Pintech Electronic Drumsets, and more. Every item has been Tiger Tested and Approved so before you buy anything online or off, check it out!


Drum and Percussion Manufacturers Check List

Alfred Publishing

Beginner through professional, Alfred has one of the most extensive offerings of drum books, videos, and DVDs on the market, all to help you take your drumming to the next level.

Aquarian Drumheads

High quality combined with reasonable prices makes Aquarian a company for DrumHeads to consider when purchasing new drumheads!

Axis Percussion

Makers of the drum pedals used by the first person to break 1000 strokes per minute with his feet in the WFD (world's fastest drummer) - and, more recently, by the 2nd person to break 1000: Tiger Bill. Check out their great pedals and other inventive drum hardware. (Tiger Bill is an Axis Percussion endorsing artist. When you're ready to buy an Axis pedal, check out Tiger Bill's Best - Drum Shop for the lowest prices.

Arbiter Drums

Advanced one-touch tuning systems and professional flat drum kits (designed for big sound but easy portability). Made in England.

Bosphorous Cymbals

If you like hand hammered cymbals check out their "Master Series" line, hand made from start to finish.


If you're looking for an effective sound baffle, take a look at these. Whether you're on stage or in the studio, these transparent panels can make all the difference.

Drum and Percussion Gear

Before you buy any drum gear, books, CDs, or DVDs, check out this site first. It's Tiger Bill's store at Amazon.com. Amazon has the lowest prices on the Web on most everything they sell and if you make a purchase through Tiger Bill's Amazon store, you are still receiving Amazon's low prices but you will also be helping to support Tiger Bill's site! How? Amazon donates a small percentage of their profit on each item you purchase to Tiger Bill, which allows him to be able to afford supplying you with the tons of free content on TigerBill.com.

Drum Workshop

Over two decades ago, two guys started selling a drum throne in a store-front studio. Today, they produce a full line of top-quality drums, bass drum pedals, and other gear in a 20,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art factory. Check out their drums and especially their bass drum pedals. Not inexpenisve, but very high quality.

Evans Drumheads

From their first All-Weather drumhead in 1958, Evans drumheads were always innovative and of the highest quality.

Gretsch Drums

Drummers like Vinnie Colaiuta and Harvey Mason swear by "That Great Gretsch Sound!"

Hansenfutz Practice and Accessory Pedals

Check out this unique practice pad for your feet! Tiger Bill recommends this for daily practice as a fast way to build your foot speed, power, control, and endurance. Tiger Bill is an endorsing artist and, when you're ready to try a Futz pedal on for size, go to TigerBill's Best - Drum  Shop for the lowest prices on the Web!

Hudson Music

For educational and entertaining DVDs, videos, and books on drums and percussion, take a look at Hudson Music.

Humes & Berg

Solid but lightweight drum cases.

Istanbul Agop Cymbals

Handmade cymbals from Turkey.

Ludwig Drum Company

One of the oldest drum companies is still around making marching drums, drum sets, timpani, and other mallet instruments.

LP Music

If you're in the market for Latin percussion instruments, check out LP.

Mapex Drums

Here's one of the newer kids on the block.

Paiste Cymbals

Paiste makes a fine line of cymbals and their site includes info on correct usage, care, and an interesting look at how Paiste cymbals are made.

Pearl Drums

Pearl offers a complete line of drums and percussion instruments at various price levels. Beginners can check out their web site for free how-to drum set-up instructions and even online clinics for chops.

Pintech Electronic Drums

If you're into electronic percussion and prefer to buy quality gear made in the USA at reasonable prices with an exclusive lifetime warranty, check out Pintech before you buy. Their new Visual Series eDrums are just incredible. Tiger Bill is a Pintech endorsing artist.

Pro-Mark Drumsticks

These great sticks come with a "Performance Guarantee" against defects which even includes warping. Nylon tips are also guaranteed not to crack or come off. Nice looking Web site too with a toll free Drummer's Hotline number. Check out their tips on choosing sticks. Tiger Bill is a Pro-Mark endorsing artist.

Puresound Percussion

If you're not happy with your snare drum sound, try replacing your snare wires with high-quality ones like these.

Regal Tip

In 1958 Joe Calato Sr., a drummer himself, put the first nylon tip on a drumstick and not only began the Regal Tip company, but a true revolution in drumstick making as well. Check out the Regal Tip Institute for Drumming Tips and Technique section on the site.


They not only make quality drum heads and practice pads but sticks, brushes, and drumsets too.


Best known for their keyboards, Roland also makes the best electronic drum sound modules I've ever heard! And if you're in the market, check out their electronic drumsets, SPD-S Sampler pad, and another quality instruments. You can also get a free product video at their site.


Did you ever wish you have a practice pad you could roll up and carry in your pocket? You can with a Rudi-Pad®. And it has the Standard 26 American Drum Rudiments written on the surface as a bonus.

SABIAN Cymbals

SABIAN products and cymbal endorsers are too numerous to mention. Check out their Web site for the latest. Tiger Bill is a SABIAN endorsing artist.

SilverFox Drumsticks

Check out these hand-finished beauties, computer matched in both weight and pitch.

Slingerland Drums

Another one of the oldest drum companies. Ace Swing Era Drummer Gene Krupa played Slingerlands.

Tama Drums

Check out Tama drums and their endorsing artists.

Taye Drum Company

If you're looking for high quality gear at a price that won't break the bank, check out Taye Drums. Unlike many competing drum companies, Taye makes all of their own drum shells, hardware, drumheads, and they even do their own chromeplating. TigerBill is a Taye endorsing artist.

Turkish Cymbals

If you're looking for handmade cymbals, add these to your short list.

Vic Firth

If you're looking for drumsticks or mallets, check out Vic's. Also check out his "Stick Smarts" tips while you're at it.

Yamaha Drums

Yes, they make just about everything but they make everything great! Check out their acoustic and electronic drums.


Zildjian not only makes some of the world's best cymbals but drumsticks as well. Check them out.
















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