Drum Schools and Organizations

There are many schools for Drummers and Percussionists, but they are not all of the same caliber. And some offer degree programs while others are private schools that simply teach you perform in the real world. Here's a listing of some of the best schools and organizations for learning drums and percussion.


Tiger Bill's Drum Studio
Take a private lesson with Tiger Bill in his state-of-the-art East Coast studio when you're in the area or arrange for private or group instruction over the Web. With over 30 years of teaching experience, Tiger Bill know what it takes to be a success in the business of drumming. Or if you can't get to the Tiger, he'll get to you over the Web. Follow this link to register for an Online Drum Lesson with Tiger Bill and take your drumming to the highest level.

Berklee College of Music
Boston's Berklee school is the world's largest independent music college. Founded in 1945, they offer four-year degree programs as well as a number of summer programs that run a week or less. Whether you're a drummer or percussionist, you'll want to check out their annual World Percussion Festival.

Guidhall School of Music & Drama
One of the world's leading music conservatories located in the Barbican Arts Centre in London, they offer intensive one-year programs for advanced musicians planning to enter the field as pros.

M c Nally Smith College of Music
This top music college with a unique hands-on curriculum immerses you in today's technology, nurtures your vision, and develops your talents. You can study music business, music composition & songwriting, audio recording, production and live sound, or popular music performance with your instrument of choice--guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, voice, or brass & woodwinds.

New Jersey School of Percussion
If you're ever in West Orange, New Jersey, check this school out. Owned and operated by Glenn Weber (one of Tiger Bill's first instructors), it also houses a Drum Shop. Glenn and his staff, which at this writing included Joe Morello, offers an extensive variety of courses for drummers and percussionists. If you stop in, don't forget to tell them the Tiger sent you.

Percussive Arts Society
Whether or not you want to join this not-for-profit organization (and I highly recommend that you join), you should check out their site. You’ll find drum and percussion info, publications, research materials, and links to others in the percussive community. You can also download the PAS International Drum Rudiments. This not-for-profit group has been around since May of 1961.

Percussion Institute of Technology
Here's a school in Hollywood, California, where you can "live, sleep, eat, and breathe music." The Percussion Institute is one school of six schools that make up the Musicians Institute. Ten-week non-Certificate to four-year Bachelor of Music Degree programs are available.

There are many schools where you can study drumming across the USA and around the globe. This small listing, although a good starting point, is not meant to be complete by any means.

Have fun, stay loose, and I'll see you online!

Tiger Bill


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