Drums and MIDI Files

Learn how to use, collect, and create the best MIDI files on the Net and use them for drum practice and more. Due to copyright and licensing problems, many former free MIDI file sites are no longer offering free MIDI files but there are still some free files to be found and others can be downloaded and used in your project after purchasing a license to do so. Check it out.

Free MIDI Files

What is MIDI and How Does it Work?
Lots of info on what MIDI is and how it works, courtesy of Indiana University.


Classical MIDI Connection
Tons of MIDI files for the classical enthusiast.

Ifni Midi Music
This site contains free MIDI files produced by amateurs and you can also buy professionally created MIDI files. Featuring Rock, Pop, Rap, Punk, Dance, Blues, Country, Theme, and a MIDI search engine.

MIDI Drum Issues
Thorough article covering MIDI drums and soundcard/sequencers by Kelly Craven, PCRecording.com.

MIDI Manufacturers Association
Official site of the MIDI Manufacturers association constains everything you want to know about MIDI for the developer and also consumer information on all the things that MIDI can do for you. Includes Forum and featured MIDI products.

Midi~MP3 Sound Files Index
This site has a ton of links to free Midi files indexed by category. Also has MP3 files, Wav files, graphics, and more.

Nice collection of classical and jazz MIDI files that you can download for free.


Enjoy the links...

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