Vintage Drum and Percussion Gear

Here's your guide to the best Vintage drum and percussion gear dealers on the Web. Do you have an original Billy Gladstone Snare Drum, by any chance? (I know someone who does.) It's worth about $11,000!

If you ever wondered what that old classic Ludwig Vistalite set is worth, or that Rogers snare that you picked up at a garage sale, this is the place to look.


ABCs of Evaluating a Vintage Drum
Before buying or selling used gear, check this out. It tells what makes a drum collectable, how to inspect a vintage drum, and gives you an inspection checklist. Compliments of the Vintage Drum Center.

A Drummer's Tradition
Their drum availability page is updated every 10 to 14 days. You can call or email for a no obligation appraisal. Don't miss the ADT Vintage Museum. They don't make 'em like that anymore.

Colorado Drum
Great photos of vintage gear available for purchase. You can also request a complete list of available gear via email.

Drum Center of Indianapolis
Site includes Vintage Drum Forum and various articles of interest such as being aware of counterfeit Vintage gear.

Vintage Drum Center
This company has been around since 1987. Everything they sell is covered by a 10 day money back guarantee. They also buy and trade gear, and offer a Drum Appraisal Service – for a fee. Surf over and get a free print catalog.

If you want to sell or buy vintage gear, check out Rob Reed's small (but growing) free Wanted & Available Ad Forum for Vintage Drums, Percussion, and Hardware. It allows you to self post.

Xzyllar Vintage Drums & Things
Larry Balara's Web site offers Vintage drum gear and more. Click the link for his latest offerings.


Looking for Great Buys on New Gear?
Click the above for the best buys on the Web.

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