Record Your Own Music

Learn how to create your own professional demo recordings whether you're looking to distribute a demo for a record deal, sell yourself or your band to an agent, make money without the need for a record contract, or archive a personal performance.


Got a question or answer to share with the online DAW recording community? (And if you don't know what DAW means, you can find out here.) Helpful manufacturer specific forums, production tips, PC audio setups and more. Site hosted and run by Pixelite Media.

Audio Recording Center
This site has helpful articles, a well organized Links section, andother useful resources for the independent music maker.
Don't miss the article How to Get Great Drum Sounds From Your Home Studio by Michael Laskow whose 20-years as an engineer/producer included work with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Eric Clapton, Cheap Trick, and countless others.

Burning CDs on Your Computer
Whether you want to burn a CD to distribute your latest demo or to create a custom mix of your personal favorite tunes, here's how to do it with your computer. Article by Bob Demoulin on Octave.com.

CD-Recordable FAQ
Extremely comprehensive info on everything you'd ever want to know about "burning" CDs. By Andy McFadden.

Dragon's Dictionary of Home Recording Terms
The title says it all. A glossary of recording terms, courtesy of HomeRecording.com.

Desktop Music Production Guide
Learn how to set up Desktop Digital Audio, compare a multi-encoded version of an MP3 tune, and learn how to compose a movie soundtrack on your home computer. Compliments of Electronic Musician magazine.

Electronic Musician
One of my favorite print magazines now has an online version. Useful articles and gear reviews.

Mix Magazine Online
The online version of Mix Magazine for pros and semi-pros in audio and music production. They've got a great archive of past articles, which they're enlarging all the time. Features, field tests, and more. Sign-up for a free online subscription.

Professional Audio Reference
Comprehensive glossary of audio terms, compliments of Rane.

Recording Audio Drum Tracks
Tips and tricks on how to mike your drums to get the best recorded sound possible. By Frank Basile on PCRecording.com.

Recording Live Percussion in the Studio
How to get a good recording of percussion instruments in a live studio setting by Karen Kane. From Music Media Network.

Recording Engineer's Quarterly
This online audio zine features weekly recording tips (to access these you must be a registered user, but it's free). Contains info on music production, marketing, and home recording.


Need Some Drum Loops?
Download some of the best free drum loops on the Web.

Have fun, stay loose, and I'll see you online!

Tiger Bill


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