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Online magazines can offer you what no print magazine can: Video and sound. But that doesn't mean print magazines are obsolete! Here's your resource to the leading drum magazines, percussion, and music magazines in both print and online versions.

Tiger Bill's Pick of the Best Drum and Music Magazines


The Black Page
Now, what can I say? This is a drum magazine that truly has taste... They put me on the cover of their October 2010 Issue! :-) Seriously, this online publication is currently available free in PDF form and is filled with great articles, interviews, and photos on drumheads from around the globe. Check it out!

Classic Drummer Magazine
This quarterly drum magazine, formerly Vintage Drummer, features articles and interviews covering Classic drum gear and Classic drummers!

Down Beat
The granddaddy of all jazz magazines, Down Beat now comes in a great online version. Not drums specific but you can download MP3s of top jazz tunes, learn all about jazz, get info on artists (including drummers) and the latest events, and more.

Drum! Magazine.com is one of the best magazines in the business and now has expanded to include two specialty drum magazines - Traps: The Art of Drumming and How To Play Drums! Also new is the electronic version of the magazine. Subscribe online. And when you visit their Web site don't miss Tiger Bill's Free Video Speed Drum Lessons, designed to take your chops to the highest level and available exclusively from DRUM! Magazine Web site.

Drum Connexions
This is New Zealand's drumming magazine.

DrumHead Magazine
One of the newer kids on the block, they offer both a print and digital edition.

Keyboard Magazine
Did you know that the piano is a percussion instrument? My favorite print magazine for the keyboard now has an online version. And even if you're not into keyboards, if you're into digital percussion, midi files, or related electronic gear, then this one's for you. Also check keyboardMag.tv for lessons and other cool stuff while you're on the site.

Making Music
This is a really cool magazine specifically aimed at those who want a better living through recreational music making. It features articles for musicians of all kinds and is published 6 times a year. Better yet, they are currently offering free one-year subscriptions! Here's a link to the Drum section of the site.. And don't forget to mention that you found out about Making Music from Tiger Bill... Cool!

Modern Drummer Magazine
I remember way back when Ron Spagnardi (the publisher) first began printing his new magazine – it was in the basement of his house! MD Mag has come a long way since then baby and even though Ron is no longer with us, I'm sure that his wife Isabel and the rest of the MD crew will continue to produce one of the best drum magazines in the business. (And I would have said that even if they hadn't given my first book a great review!)

Not So Modern Drummer Magazine
Articles on drum history, classified wanted and for sale ads, restoration tips, info to help you identify and date vintage drums, and more in a magazine that specializes in Vintage and Custom Drums.

Percussion News
While not an actual magazine this is an online sample of the official newsletter of the Percussive Arts Society, published six times a year. It contains industry news, upcoming events, exercises, etc.

If you're into Pipe and Drums, this is for you. It's the world's only independent publication for pipers and drummers. The quarterly print publication is free to members and non-members can buy a subscription. Online copy looks good too, and the price is right: Zilch.

Roots World
This ezine has been on the Web since 1995. It's Cliff Furnald's baby and is a reflection of what he loves most: Folk and World Music. Not percussion specific but if you like this music, you'll find lots of reviews, news, and interviews here. Subscription is free but $35 or more a year will get you your choice of a free CD, an email newsletter, and other neat stuff.

Sick Drummer Magazine
A new drum magazine focusing on extreme metal. For all those fans of grind, death, progressive, doom, black & other insane metal styles, get over to the Sick Drummer Magazine site and check it out. It's a Free digital magazine with special Hi-Res PDF issues for sale. The site also features Sicko video clips, lessons, off beat interviews with guys outside metal, and more. A prime feature is the 30+ Drumming Pros who contribute regular content & lessons. Enjoy! SD Magazine is the product of the 3 year old sickdrummer.com.

Enjoy these magazines and Web sites and tell them Tiger Bill sent you...

Have fun, stay loose, and I'll see you online!

Tiger Bill


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