Drum Clinics, Festivals, Events, and Gigs from Around the World

The best drummers in the world regularly perform at drum clinics, drum fests, and drum events. Some of these clinics are free and some cost a few dollars but it's money well spent. Using the links below, you'll be able to find out where and when your favorite drummer will be appearing at a drum clinic, festival, or event near you. And if you make it out to any of these clinics or events, be sure to tell them Tiger Bill sent you.

Festivals, Tours, Clinics, Concerts, and Events

Find the Best Drum Clinics, Fests, and Events from Around the World

Latest Updates!

May 18th, 2001 - If you're anywhere near the New York area and would like to see a talented drummer/composer play his butt off, don't miss Terry Silverlight and his Band:

May 18, 2011 (Wednesday)
One show at 8:00 pm
The Bitter End
147 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 673-7030

TERRY SILVERLIGHT -drums and original music
WILL LEE -bass
TABITHA FAIR -guest vocalist


TigerBill's DrumBeat Festival 2011: TRIBUTE TO JOE MORELLO!

Don't miss this year's DrumBeat Fest - it's truly the most ambitious Fest I've ever assembled! My former instructor and friend, Joe Morello, passed away on March 12th of this year and I thought it only fitting to dedicate my Fest in his honor.

I will be bringing together many of his friends, students, and bandmates to perform, educate, and share personal stories about one of the greatest drummers of all time.

In addition to the usual DrumBeat Fest performances and activities, this is the first year I'll be bringing together drummers and instructors from all over the country to participate in a Guinness World Record Event. So if you'd like to become part of Tiger Bill's Honor Roll, you can! Stay tuned for more details but, if you can't wait, feel free to email me at info[at]tigebill.com and include Honor Roll in the Subject.

Click the above link for the latest information on this event, which takes place this October. You'll not only have the chance to experience it live but if you can't make the trip to New Jersey, you'll be able to catch it as a Pay Per View on the web!

Please stay tuned!


Tiger Bill


TigerBill's DrumBeat Festival, Tours, Clinics, and Concerts

Click the above link to get on the email contact list for an upcoming Tiger Bill clinic or performance near you! If the email link is not working for you, just send an email to info @ tigerbill.com and write - Info on Tiger Bill's Clinics - in the subject line.

Cape Breton International Drum Festival

This annual event, produced by Bruce and Gloria Jean Atkin, takes place on the beautiful island of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. I had the honor of performing there a while back and I must say that it is one of the finest events of its kind in one of the most beautiful places on earth! Click the above link for information on past and upcoming events!

Drummers For Jesus Events

In addition to their Annual International Drummers for Jesus Celebration, which is a 2-day drum fest that attracts drummers from all over the world, the above link provides information on joining a chapter in your area.

Drum Workshop Endorsers Clinic Schedule

If your favorite drummer is a clinician for DW Drums, find out where he or she will be appearing at the above link.


MIAC (Music Industries Association of Canada) is dedicated to advancing the Canadian music, sound and lighting products industry. MIAC is Canada’s largest music products trade show and is held each year in August.

Modern Drummer Festival

These are the guys who gave birth to the idea of an annual drum festival. What began as a one day event has expanded into a weekend. DrumHeads from all over the world look forward to the event, which features performances and clinics by some of the world's greatest drummers.

Montreal Drum Festl

Each year, in the month of November, the Montreal Drum Festival is held at Pierre-Mercure Hall in downtown Montreal. Click the above link for information on past and future events.


NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) is a not-for-profit trade association that unifies, leads, and strengthens the $17 billion dollar global musical instruments and products industry. What started back in 1901 as a small grassroots organization of 52 founding members has since become an international association, which represents more than 9,000 retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and reps of musical instruments and products from more than 85 countries. NAMM's trade shows, activities, and programs are designed to promote music making to people of all ages. The popular Winter and Summer NAMM shows are not meant for attendance by the general public but that doesn't seem to prevent them from attending each and every year!

PAS - Percussive Arts Society

In addition to hosting the popular annual event known as PASIC, which consists of an entire week of drum performances and clinics, the non-profit Percussive Arts Society organization has chapters in the U.S. and around the world, which sponsor drum clinics, workshops, concerts, festivals, newsletters, and other activities. Check them out and learn how you can join a chapter near you.

Pro-Mark Endorser Clinics

Here's a listing of upcoming drum clinics and appearances by the endorsers of Pro-Mark sticks, which include Tiger Bill. Courtesy of Pro-Mark.

Remo Drum Clinics

Are you lucky enough to live near the Remo Percussion Center in North Hollywood, California? If so, take advantage of their seminars, clinics, and classes. All are open to the public and most are free.

SABIAN Endorser Clinics

Upcoming drum events and drum clinics by SABIAN artists, including Tiger Bill, and much more.

Smith Walbridge Clinics

If you're into the marching thing and you want to participate, check out these clinics. They're held each year in the month of July. Available instruction includes Percussion, Drum Major, Marching Band Leadership, and more.

Steel Pan Events

If you're a Steel Pan fan, click the above link for the current calendar of upcoming events.

Zildjian Endorser Clinics

Upcoming drum clinics and drum events featuring Zildjian endorsing artists.

Try to make it our to some to some these performances. It will be well worth your time and effort.

Have fun, stay loose, and I'll see you online!

Tiger Bill


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