How to Guides for Drummers

These quick and easy how-to guides for drummers give you what you need to learn basic drum skills. By Tiger Bill Meligari.

How To Choose the Best Drum Sticks
Drummers spend hours choosing cymbals and drums but hardly any time picking sticks. Bad sticks can make good gear sound awful. Learn how pros choose sticks and you'll play and sound better than ever.

How To Find a Great Drum Set Instructor
Twelve simple steps to finding a local drum set instructor who's right for you.

How To Make It in the Music Business
It's not easy to make it in the music business but there is a definite path that you can follow if you want to increase your odds. Use it whether you're just starting out or coming back after a break.

How To Make It Playing Broadway Shows
It's not easy to make it on Broadway but following these steps will increase your chances greatly!

How To Play Drums Without Taking Lessons
Whether you live in a remote area without access to a drum instructor or just plain can't afford to take regular lessons with a qualified instructor, learn what you can do to teach yourself to play drums.

How To Shorten Your Drum Setup Time
Are you tired of always being the first in and the last out on the gig? Learn how the pros shorten the drudgery to make more time to cook!

How To Tune Your Drum Set
You hear the pros play in concerts and on records and their drums sound great. Here's how you can get that same great sound.

Take Tiger Bill's Drum Chops Challenge!
I challenge you! Are your chops up to it?

Have fun, stay loose, and I'll see you online!

Tiger Bill


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