Professional Drum Skills Evaluation

Are you happy with your current chops? How about your reading skills? Do drum charts give you trouble? Here's your chance to find out how your drum skills measure up to those of an expert drummer.

I've used my three decades of teaching and performing experience to develop a comprehensive test that will examine your drumming skills in three main areas:

You can use the results of my evaluation to fill in the gaps in your drumming skills, either through self-study with books and DVDs, training with a local instructor, or through Internet lessons.

Simply follow the instructions to receive your Drum Skills Evaluation Form - only $19.99 - by instant automatic download. Open the Text file that you'll receive in a program that allows you to edit .TXT files and answer all questions to the best of your ability. Return the form and I will personally evaluate your form and returned it to you ASAP and I will even produce your first Workout Schedule.

Have fun, stay loose, and I'll see you online!

Tiger Bill


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