Tiger Bill's Exclusive Bottom Line Reviews of Drum and Percussion Products and Events

Whether you're looking for the best in drum or percussion gear, books, videos, DVDs, or other accessories - or a review of a drum event, check out Tiger Bill's popular Bottom Line Reviews. You'll find them to be the most detailed, comprehensive, reliable, no-nonsense reviews on the Web and many of them are in Video format!

Tiger Bill's Bottom Line Reviews (listed in alphabetical order)

A Day in the Recording Studio by Mark Schulman- DVD

Do-It-Yourself guide to recording great sounding drum tracks for drummers and all musicians.

Akira Jimbo VHS: Evolution

Drum innovator, Akira Jimbo, produced, composed, programmed, and performed all the music on this video himself. He used his Yamaha DTX Trigger System, Yamaha Beech Custom drums, Zildjian cymbals, and other gear. All music is performed in real time with no sequencer and no backing tracks. Tap into the Tiger's review for more.

Alan Dawson Book/CDs: Drummer's Complete Vocabulary as taught by Alan Dawson

This book, written by Dawson student John Ramsey, is just like taking lessons with the legend Alan Dawson himself. Check out the review.

Alex Acuna DVD: Rhythm Collector

Tiger Bill reviews Alex Acuna's DVD.

Art of Playing Brushes - DVD

Seven master brush artists are featured playing the same tempos and feels makes for a master course in the art of playing brushes.

AUDW 2004

Tiger Bill reviews the annual Australia's Ultimate Drummers Weekend featuring Greg Bisonette, Steve Smith, Marco Minnemann, Chad Wackerman, Dave Beck, and many others.

Basement Finishing System by Owens CorningClick for Tiger Bill's Review of the Owens Corning Basement Finishing System

Check out this video review as tiger Bill transforms his cement block/concrete slab basement into a state-of-the-art drum studio with some help from the unique Owens Corning Basement Finishing System. Very cool!

Bernard Purdie DVD: Good Cookin'

Check out the Tiger's review and hear audio samples from Bernard Purdie's CD, Purdie Good Cookin'.

Bernard Purdie in Japan DVD: Most Important Educational Function

Tiger reviews the DVD, produced by Bernard Purdie for his own company. It shows the master of grove in action both on the drumset and in the clinic-room.

Beyond The Chops by Aaron Spears 2-DVD Set

A drum lesson with Aaron Spears.

Billy Ashbaugh DVD: Takin' Care of Business

Billy Ashbaugh, drummer for *NSYNC, takes you on tour with him to show you what life is like on the road with the mega group. Check out the Tiger's review of this video.

Billy Cobham Book/CD: Ultimate Play-Along Drum Trax Conundrum

Billy Cobham, one of the most influential jazz fusion drummers ever to hit the scene, features his original tunes on this play-along book/CD combo.

Billy Ward: Voices in my Head

The Tiger reviews Billy Ward's jazz oriented educational DVD that includes a free bonus CD of the Billy Ward Trio in action.

Black Potatoe Festival 2001

The Annual Black Potatoe Festival is a huge three-day event that features local NJ talent and national headline acts as well. Here's Tiger Bill's comprehensive report on the 5th annual event featuring guest stars Tony Levin (with Jerry Marotta on drums) and Andy Summers (with drummer Joel Taylor).

Bobby Jarzombek DVD: Performance & Technique

If you're into both double bass and visual flash, check out Tiger Bill's review of this DVD featuring Bobby Jarzombek.

Bobby Rock DVD: Zen of Drumming

This three-hour DVD, from Alfred Publishing, teaches Bobby Rock's mind, body, and soul approach to peak drumming performance. How effective is it? See the Tiger's review and find out.

Bob Breithaupt DVD: Snare Drum Basics

The Tiger reviews a beginner's guide to snare drumming.

Breakbeat Bible book/CD

Comprehensive guide to breakbeat drumming.

Bruce Aitken DVD: Keeping It Simple

Learn the secrets of groove from educator Bruce Aitken.

Bryan "Brain" Mantia DVD: Brain's Lessons

Bryan "Brain" Mantia teaches you basic sticking technique, Go-Go Rhythms, Funk Beats, and Ostinatos on this video. Was the Tiger impressed? Check it out for yourself.

Buddy Rich DVD: Buddy Rich Big Band Live at Montreal Jazz Festival 1982

Tiger Bill reviews a DVD featuring the incomparable Buddy Rich and his monster Big Band.

Cape Breton International Drum Festival 2005

Click the above link for the story of this annual event, produced by Bruce Aitken, in exclusive video clips. Click the following link for an exclusive video interview with Motown Drum Legend Uriel Jones - and hear what Uriel had to say about Tiger Bill's performance at the Fest!

Exclusive Interview with Motown Drum Legend Uriel Jones: Click for Exclusive Video Interview with Motwon Drum Legend U

Carmine Appice Book/CD: Realistic Rock Drum Method

Tiger Bill reviews both versions of the Rock Classic text from Carmine Appice.

Carmine Appice Book/CD: Ultimate Play-Along Drum Trax Guitar Zeus

If you play rock you won't want to miss the Tiger's review of this new book written by Rick Gratton with rock great Carmine Appice, from Alfred Publishing.

Carter Beauford DVD: Under the Table and Drumming

World famous drummer for the Dave Matthews Band, Cater Beauford performs along with the rhythm tracks from six of the bands's best songs.

Chad Smith DVD: Red Hot Rhythm Method

Check out the Tiger's review of Chad Smith's DVD. Is it worth your time and bread?

Chip Ritter Book: The R.I.T.T.E.R. Method

The Tiger reviews an inspirational self-improvement guide for drummers.

Chip Ritter DVD: Stick Tricks

Tiger Bill reviews Stick Trick and showmanship specialist Chip Ritter's DVD Stick Tricks!

Chris Coleman DVD: Playing with Precision and Power

DVD featuring Chris Coleman former Guitar Center Drum-Off winner and Drummers Collective graduate.

Classic Drum Solos and Drum Battles DVD - Volume One

This DVD contains 15 drumming greats performing solos and rare drum battles. Check out Tiger Bill's review.

Classic Jazz Drummers

The Tiger reviews three Hudson Music videos: Classic Jazz Drummers - Swing and Beyond, which contains classic clips of 20 of the greatest drummers from the past six decades; Classic Drum Solos and Drum Battles, which consists of 15 of the greatest drummers in history in astounding extended solos and one-of-a-kind drum duels; and Swing, Swing, Swing, with 14 rare performances of Gene Krupa, the drummer who took the drums out from behind the bandstand and put them in the spotlight.

Clayton Cameron: Living Art of Brushes

It seems that brush playing is NOT a lost art after all. This video, by Clayton Cameron, covers jazz, funk, and fusion brush patterns, original and traditional specialty strokes, practical tips, brush solos, and more. Check out Tiger Bill's review.

Common Ground with Tony Royster Jr and Dennis Chambers

Tiger Bill looks at the video/audio CD package that stars Funk Master Dennis Chambers and 14-year-old drumming sensation Tony Royster Jr., with a special appearance by Billy Cobham.

Conga Masters: Changuito and Giovanni Duets

Eight drums - two masters - two electrifying duets - Changuito and Giovanni together for the first time in some of the most explosive soloing ever captured on video. Check out the Tiger's review.

Dave Weckl DVD: Back To Basics

Tiger Bill reviews part one of Dave Weckl's encyclopedia of drum techniques.

Dave Weckl DVD: The Next Step

Review of part two of Dave Weckl's encyclopedia of drum techniques.

David Garibaldi Book/CDs: The Code of Funk

This book features David's transcriptions of eight songs from TOP's most recent album along with one Audio CD and two DVD-ROMs.

David Garibaldi DVD: Tower of Groove Complete

David explains his basic drumming concept while playing to live and pre-recorded tracks. Also includes David's performance and analysis of the songs 4-N Matter, Soca/Rhumba, Black Nine, and Escape from Oakland.

Dennis Chambers DVD: Serious Moves

Check out Tiger Bill's review of the DVD featuring Dennis performing alone and with former bandmates John Scofield on guitar, Gary Grainger on bass, and Jim Beard on keyboards.

Drummer's Guide to Odd Time Signatures Book and CD

If odd time signatuers are your weakness, check this out.


The Tiger tests out the official instrument that measures the World's Fastest Drummers for the Guinness Book of World Records and Tiger Bill has created some speed records of his using the Drumometer!

Drum Styles From Around the Globe

Tiger Bill reviews the Alfred Publishing Drum Atlas book and CD series consisting of Jamaica, India, Cuba, Brazil, Salsa and Africa.

Drum Therapy - Healing with the Drumset: A Powerful Resource for Drum Teachers and Therapists of Students with Disabilites

If you are interested in bringing drumming to those who really need it, check this book out.

Drum Tuning DVD: Sound and Design Simplified

Check out the Tiger's in-depth review of sound and design guru Bob Gatzen's new DVD, from Alfred Publishing.

Easy Rock Drum Beats DVD: No Reading Required!

Learn to play rock beats fast with no knowledge of reading required!

Fre d Dinkins Book/CDs: It's About Time

Read the Tiger's review of the book and two audio CDs by Fred Dinkins. It is designed to help you understand, control, and improve your sense of time through a series of step-by-step exercises that really work.

Gavin Harrison DVD: Rhythmic Horizons

Gavin Harrison, the drummer with Porcupine Tree, demonstrates his creative approach to rhythm.

Gavin Harrison DVD: Rhythmic Visions

Gavin has become widely known for taking metric modulations, polyrhythms, and rhythmically displaced grooves used by some of the world's greatest drummers and breaking them down into a series of easily understandable exercises. In this DVD, he takes these concepts a step farther.

Gene Krupa DVD: Jazz Legend

The life story, in rare videos and photos, of Gene Krupa the drummer man responsible for more "DrumHeads" than any other drummer in history!

Gene Krupa Book/CD: The Pictorial Life of a Jazz Legend

The life story of Gene Krupa in rare photos. Includes audio CD of Gene's greatest hits.

Green Day Ultimate Play-Along Book/CD

Green Day fans check this out.

Greg Bissonette DVD: Musical Drumming in Different Styles

This 2 disc DVD set offers Greg's approach to stylistic drumming and the music business in general.

Hansenfutz Practice Pedals Video ReviewClick for Tiger Bill Video Review of Hansenfutz Bass Drum Practice Pedals

Don't miss Tiger Bill's comprehensive video review of the revolutionary Futz Bass Drum practice pedals that can help you build your leg and foot muscles faster than using a standard bass drum pedal!

Hard Rock Academy Performance Vocals

Attention all singing DrumHeads! Check out the Tiger's review of a DVD that promises to take your performance to the next level! From the Hard Rock Academy.

Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez Book/CD: Conversations in Clave

Review of El Negro's book and audio CD that teaches his concept of Afro-Cuban drumming.

Horacio El Negro Hernandez at the Modern Drummer Festival DVD

The Tiger reviews the video of Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez filmed at the Modern Drummer Festival in 1997.

HipTrix™ The World's Brightest Glow-in-the-Dark DrumSticks

Tiger Bill reviews a new drumstick on the block that glows in the dark! And check out the video as Steve Stockmal, author of the book/DVD Spinology, puts the new sticks through their paces.

Jeff Queen DVD: Playing With Sticks

An in-depth guide to rudiments and hand techniques.

Joe Franco DVD: Double Bass Drumming

If you're just starting to get into Double Bass Drumming, this DVD will provide you with a solid foundation. Check out the Tiger's Review.

John Blackwell: Hudson Music Master Series - DVD

See what Tiger Bill thinks of John Blackwell's DVD, which covers the fine art of groove, technique, and showmanship.

Johnny Rabb Book/CD: Jungle/Drum 'n' Bass

Johnny Rabb shows you how to apply today's popular electronic music to the drum set in his book/audio CD. Check out the Tiger's review.

John Riley's The Master Drummer: How to practice, play and think like a pro

Review of John Riley's DVD.

Jotan Afanador's Drum Clinic

This performance was taped during one of Jotan's Drum Clinics and shows that there's more to Jotan (2003 holder of the world's fastest drummer) than a fast pair of hands. Click the above link for Tiger Bill's review.

Journey: Ultimate Drum Play-Along

Drum Play-Along featuring eight classic Journey hits.

Kenny Aronoff Laying It Down: Basics of Rock Drumming DVD

Kenny explores the fundamentals of rock drumming.

Kenny Aronoff Power Workout: Complete DVD

Check out the Tiger's review of Kenny Aronoff's Power Workout the DVD, which now includes both of the original videotapes Power Workout # 1 and #2.

Led Zeppelin Platinum Album Drum Transcripts - CODA Book

Classic Led Zeppelin songs from the CODA album.

Led Zeppelin Ultimate Drum Play-Along Volume 1 - Book

Eight classic Led Zeppelin hits in transcription form along with two play-along drum CDs.

Led Zeppelin Ultimate Drum Play-Along Volume 2 - Book

Eight more classic Led Zeppelin hits in transcription form along with two play-along drum CDs.

Led Zeppelin Mothership - Book

Whether or not you're a fan of Bonzo, you should check out this book of transcripts covering 24 of Led Zeppelin's greatest hits.

Legends of Jazz Drumming DVD

This DVD covers the legends of jazz drumming from the pre-1920s through the 1970s with still photos and rare film clips.

Lionel Hampton DVD: Jazz Legend

Tiger Bill reviews Hudson Music DVD of legendary bandleader, vibraphonist, drummer, and showman: Lionel Hampton.

Making Music with Carter Beauford and Victor Wooten

Carter and Victor take you through a recording studio session.

Marco Minnemann DVD: Extreme Drumming

If you're looking for "extreme drumming" look no further. Read the Tiger's review of Marco Minneman's DVD. It will entertain you and make you want to hit the woodshed all at the same time.

Mike Portnoy Book: Anthology

Transcriptions of some of Mike Portnoy's best known works from Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, and Transatlantic.

Modern Drummer Festival 2000 DVD

This DVD (the first ever released for the musician's market) contains 170 minutes of performances, clinics, and interviews. This one features Don Brewer, Vinnie Colaiuta, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, Akira Jimbo, Hilary Jones, Paul Leim, Dave Lombardo, and Billy Ward. Click the above link for a detailed review by Tiger Bill.

Modern Drummer Festival 2001 DVD

The Tiger reports back from the MD Fest 2001, which featured performances by Gene Lake, Gary Novak, Cindy Blackman, Virgil Donati, Stanton Moore, Carmine Appice, and many others.

Modern Drummer Festival 2002 DVD

The 15th annual festival featured Jimmy DeGrasso, Billy Cobham, Rick Marotta, Thomas Lang, The Reyes Family, Billy Ashbaugh, John Blackwell, and more. Check out the Tiger's review.

Modern Drummer Festival 2005 DVD

Tiger Bill reviews the Hudson Music DVD coverage of one of the most prestigious drum festivals in the world.

Modern Drummer Festival 2008 DVD

Tiger Bill reviews the Hudson Music coverage of MD Fest 2008 featuring artists Thomas Pridgen, Billy Ward, Will Calhoun, Ndugu Chancler, Simon Phillips, Gavin Harrison, Carmine Appice, Derek Roddy, Todd Sucherman, Dafnis Prieto, Todd Sucherman, and Bill Stewart.

Modern Drummer Festival 2010 DVD

Tiger Bill reviews the Hudson Music coverage of MD Fest 2010 featuring artists Chris Pennie, Shannon Forest, Shawn Pelton, Daniel Glass, Adam Dietch, Benny Greb, Stanton Moore, and Chris Coleman.

Musician's Toolbox Book

Contains 111 inspirational tools and projects by Diane and Dr Nick Petrella.

New Frontier for Drumset Book by Marko Djordjevic

This book offer an easy seven step method that will greatly expand your drumming repertoire and creativity.

New Method for Afro-Cuban Drumming Book/CD by Jimmy Branly

This book/CD features Jimmy Branly's approach to playing contemporary Latin rhythms on the drumset.

On The Beaten Path: Beginning Drumset Course - Level 1 to 3 by Rich Lackowski

If you are a beginning or intermediate drummer, check out this series that spices up the basics of drumset playing by relating each pattern to the famous drummer who is best known for playng it on record.

On The Beaten Path: The Drummer's Guide to Musical Styles and the Musician's Who Defined Them Book/CD by Rich Lackowski

For drummers of all ages and all styles, the book features 29 drummers covering 9 musical genres. Check it out!

On The Beaten Path: Progressive Rock - The Drummer's Guide to the Genre and the Legends Who Defined It Book/CD by Rich Lackowski

Volume Two in the "On The Beaten Path" series by Rich Lackowski. This one concentrates on the top Progressive Rock drummers.

On The Beaten Path: Metal - The Drummer's Guide to the Genre and the Legends Who Defined It Book/CD by Rich Lackowski

Volume Three in the "On The Beaten Path" series by Rich Lackowski. This one concentrates on the top Metal drummers.

Pat Petrillo: Complete Drum Wookout Book and Video

Check out the Tiger's detailed review of Pat Petrillo's book and video!

Pat Petrillo's Drum Clinic at NJ School of Percussion Video Review

The Tiger caught Pat's performance at a drum clinic at the New Jersey School of Percussion. Check out this exclusive video of Pat in action.

Peter Erskine DVD: Live at Jazz Baltica

Jazz drummer Erskine and his trio recorded in top form.

Peter Erskine Method for Drumset Book and DVD

One of the most respected jazz drummers of all time, shares his methods in this combo book and DVD aimed at beginning and advanced players alike.

Pete Sweeney Book/CD: Drummers Guide to Fills

Instruction in the the fine art of drum fills.

Pete Sweeney Book/CD: The Versatile Drummer

The goal of this book and CD is to help you become an in-demand drummer.

Pintech Echo Kit and EZ Sound Module Video ReviewClick for Tiger Bill Video Review of Pintech Echo Kit and EZ Sound Module

Click the above link for an exclusive video review on the Pintech Echo Kit and EZ Sound Module.

Pintech E-JAM Kit with Roland and Yamaha Sound Modules Video Review Click for Tiger Bill Video Review of Pintech E-Jam kit with Roland and Yamaha Sound Modules

Click the above link for an exclusive video review on the Pintech E-Jam Kit with both Roland and Yamaha Sound Modules.

Pintech LIDS and Hansenfutz Practice Pedals Video ReviewClick for Tiger Bill Video Review of Pintech LIDS and Hansefutz Bass Drum Practice Pedals

Click the above link for an exclusive video review on the Pintech Practice Lids and Hot Lids along with the Hansenfutz Practice Pedal. (In memory of Pintech Guru Rick Koppen, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack at the age of 38. He will be missed by all who knew him.)

Mike Portnoy Anthology Book

This book contains transcriptions of some of Mike Portnoy's best known works from Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, and Transatlantic.

Prog Rock Drumming DVD

Progressive Rock Drumming DVD.

PAS CT Day of Percussion 2003Click for exclusive drum video you won't find anywhere but Tiger Bill's DrumBeat site

Exclusive video clips you won't find anywhere but here! Johnny Rabb, Dom Famularo, Mike Portnoy, Dr. Nick Petrella, Liam Teague, and a host of percussionists from the PAS Day of Percussion in Connecticut, thanks to host and PAS President Jim Royle. Tiger Bill was there to get the story in exclusive audio and video clips.

PAS NJ Day of Percussion 2002Click for exclusive drum video you won't find anywhere but Tiger Bill's DrumBeat site

The NJ Chapter of the PAS (Percussive Arts Society) hosted a cool day of percussion that included appearances by Evelyn Glennie and Joe Morello and the Tiger was there to report all the action.

PAS NJ Day of Percussion 2005Click for exclusive drum video you won't find anywhere but Tiger Bill's DrumBeat site

Another NJ Chapter PAS Day of Percussion event featuring exclusive video of performing artists: Zoro, Tiger Bill, Roman Lankios, Rurie Furukaki, and Glenn Weber.

Regal Tip X-Series Drumsticks

A new twist on some old favorites. The Tiger performs thorough on and off gig testing of Regal Tip's X-Series drumsticks.

A Rhythmic Twist: Triplet Concepts for Drumset Book and CD

Check this book and CD with the concentraion on triplets.

Rick's Licks (Updated Version)

If you're looking to expand your creative ideas on the drumset, look no further. I highly recommend this book for all intermediate and advanced drummers, whether or not you can read music. Click the above link for the Tiger's complete review of this book/audio CD package.

Robby Ameen DVD: Funkifying The Clave

Review of Robby Ameen's DVD that takes the classic Clave pattern and makes it funky!

Rod Morgenstein Book: Drum Set Warm-Ups

The Tiger reviews Rod Morgenstein's book, which has been called the stick control equivalent for the drum set.

Russ Miller DVD & Book/CD: Drum Set Crash Course

Touring and session drummer Russ Miller has developed a crash course in the fundamentals of playing the most popular musical styles of today. The Tiger reviews both the book/audio CD and video version.

Russ Miller on CD

Russ, who is regarded as one of the world's top touring and session drummers, gets to stretch out on two solo albums produced under his own label, R.M.I. Music Productions. Where's One? and Cymbalism. Check out the Tiger's review of both CDs.

SABIAN Vault Tour 2004: Exclusive Video! Click for exclusive video coverage of SABIAN Vault Tour

Our exclusive video will give you the feeling that you're in the SABIAN Cymbal Vault itself. Learn how the masters make great cymbals and enjoy performances by Dom Famularo and Tiger Bill.

Salute to Buddy Rich featuring Phil Collins, Dennis Chambers, and Steve Smith

The Tiger reviews this tribute DVD to Buddy from Hudson Music.

Simon Phillips Complete DVD

Covered are Simon's approach to double bass drumming including practicing and tuning; timekeeping and playing with a click; free form soloing, snare drum tuning; practicing rudiments including single, double, triple and four stroke rolls, and paraddiddles; finger technique; playing in odd time signatures including 5/4, 7/4, 6/8, and - with a nod to Don Ellis - 33/8!

Skip Hadden Book/CD: World Fusion Drumming

In this book/CD, Skip separates each main fusion style into three basic components; The Beat (the basic rhythmic pattern), The Body (using the "Mix N Match" system), and The Brain (putting it all together).

Spinology: How to Master Spinning Drumsticks by Steve Stockmal

If you're looking to learn some cool drumstick tricks, this book/DVD is a good place to start.

Stan Levey: The Original Original

He was working with Dizzy Gillespie at the age of 16! Don't miss this new documentary bio DVD on one of the true pioneers of Jazz Bop drumming.

Steve Gadd DVD: American Drummers Achievement Awards Honoring Steve Gadd

Check out Tiger Bill's review of this DVD featuring Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colauita, Rick Marotta, and others.

Steve Gadd DVD: Up Close

See Steve demonstrating many of the techniques he has become known for over the years.

Steve Houghton DVD: Drummer's Guide to Reading Drum Charts

If you're having trouble interpreting drum charts, check out the Tiger's review of Steve Houghton's video.

Sticks 'n' Skins: A Photography Book About The World Of Drumming Coffee Table Book

Check out this huge coffee table book about drummers.

Summer NAMM 2003: The Best of Show

The Tiger picks the best gear and events of the Summer NAMM show, includes lots of video clips.

Supernatural Rhythm & Grooves

Santana's percussionists, Raul Rekow and Karl Perazzo, give you one-on-one lessons as they teach you to blend traditional Afro-Cuban rhythms into today's popular music. Click the above link for the Tiger's detailed review.

Thomas Lang DVD: Creative Control

Tiger Bill checks out this DVD on Thomas Lang's technique, from Hudson Music.

Thomas Lang Book/CD: Creative Control

Tiger Bill checks out this book/CD, the companion to the DVD of the same title, from Hudson Music.

Tiger Bill's DrumBeat Festival 2004Click for exclusive video clips of great drumming performances from Tiger Bill's DrumBeat Fest

Check out exclusive video clips from the first year of Tiger Bill's annual DrumBeat Festival.

Tiger Bill's DrumBeat Festival 2007Click for exclusive video clips of great drumming performances from Tiger Bill's DrumBeat Fest

Exclusive Video from Tiger Bill's DrumBeat Fest 2007, which featured thousands of dollars worth of brand new gear in an auction to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. (Tiger Bill lost his dad to the disease.) It also featured clinics and performances by some of the world's greatest drummers including Billy Ward, Chip Ritter, Hip Pickles, James Walker, Vince Martell Band, 7 year old drummer Zach Boettcher, and Tiger Bill himself. Click the above link for video clips and purchase the online downloads featuring the best moments from the show. All proceeds of video sales go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

Todd Sucherman: Methods & Mechanics DVD

Tiger Bill reviews a 2-DVD Set by Todd Sucherman, who brings more than three decades of drumming experience to the table.

Tommy Igoe DVD: Getting Started on Drums

The Tiger reviews this Hudson Music DVD for beginners, starring Tommy Igoe teaching drummers how to assemble, setup, and play the drumset.

Tommy Igoe DVD: Groove Essentials

If you're looking to expand your drumming horizons into new musical styles, check out Tiger Bill's review.

Tommy Igoe Book/CD: Groove Essentials The Play-Along Book

Tiger Bill checks out the companion book/CD to Tommy's original Groove Essentials DVD.

Tony Royster, Jr. DVD: Pure Energy

Featuring Tony Royster Jr and his band Inside Out along with special guest start Hip-Hop drumming great Nisan Stewart.

Turn It Up & Lay It Down Book/CD: Style and Analysis

Check out the Tiger's review of this Alfred Publishing  book/instrcutional CD that's meant to be a companion to the original Spencer Strand CD of the same name.

Ultimate Guide to Cymbals Book

Whether you're a teacher or performer, this book and accompanying DVD by Dr Nick Petrella will tell you all you need to know about the selection, care, and use of cymbals for band, orchestra, and the drumset.

Unreel Drum Book featuring the Music of Randy Waldman and the Drumming of Vinnie Colauita

If you're lookign for some challenging drum charts, check this out!

Versatile Drummer Book/CD by Pete Sweeney

This book and CD covers drumbeats in a variety of musical styles including rock, jazz, reggae, and Afro-Cuban along with warm-ups, stick control exercises, sight-reading drills, practical tips for improving groove and timekeeping and more.

Virgil Donati Book/CD: Ultimate Play-Along Drum Trax

If you're into Virgil Donati, you won't want to miss this one.

Wicked Beats by Gil Sharone - DVD

If you're interested in Jamaican drumming styles, don't miss this one!

Will Kennedy DVD: Be A DrumHead

Check out the Tiger's review of this video/audio CD package produced by Bob Gatzen and starring Grammy Award-winning drummer Will Kennedy. You'll be introduced to Practice Time Management (PTM), Spaceology, Drumwords, Motorvation, and more. All in an effort to maximize your drum practice time, whether you're a beginner or a pro.

Zoro Book/CD: The Commandments of R&B Drumming

The author of R&B drumming grew up listening to R&B music in South Central Los Angeles. Check out his book on R&B.

Zoro DVD: The Commandments of R&B Drumming

Zoro the drummer, aka funky foot, gives R&B drumming an in-depth historical treatment, including all the landmark songs and drummers of each era from Soul to Funk to Hip-Hop. Tiger Bill reviews the instructional series from Zoro and Alfred Publishing, available in two formats: Book/audio CD and DVD.


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