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The business of drumming is just that - it's a drum business! Although playing drums can be lots of fun, when you learn to take care of your drum business it can be profitable too! Before you can start to count your cash, you'll need to know the answers to certain questions. Things like: Should you join a union? Do you need to copyright your music? And so on. Here's all you need to know to maximize your profits from playing your drums!

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This little card can be a real life- and gig-saver when you're stuck out on the road. Don't take your drum business on the road without it!

American Federation of Musicians

If you’re a pro, or hope to be in the business of drumming, you should seriously consider the pros and cons of joining the union. For example, if you're looking for work playing shows on Broadway union membership is a requirement. After a quick test of your musical abilities, and a yearly fee that varies among local chapters, you’ll get your official union card. Union halls are also great places to network with other musicians. You’ll also get a directory containing the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all local members.

Band Didn't Get Paid? Here's What You Can Do!

If you play a gig and don't get paid, here are some things you can try to collect your bread. From Dick Hodgin, courtesy of Harmony Central.

Developing Your Drum/Music Business Chops

Good article, by Peter Spellman of Music Business solutions, for musicians starting out in the business explains how to get free help from the Small Business Administration.

Electronic Privacy Information Center

This public interest research center tracks legislation concerning electronic privacy issues – critical if you plan on distributing or selling music online. This organization also covers computer security, cryptography, and offers online privacy tools of all kinds.

Expedia Maps

For those of you still not on the GPS bandwagon, this site is an invaluable resource to check prior to leaving town. You can also get weather reports, restaurant, and lodging info complete with star ratings. I used to recommend Mapquest for this type of drum business but have found Expedia to be better.

Harry Fox Agency

Originally established in 1927 as an info source, clearinghouse, and monitoring service for licensing musical copyrights, this online version is the place to go for copyright info.


If you need fast info on copyrights and trademarks, Lawgirl is the place to go. Besides the basics from the online articles, you can post legal questions on a moderated message board.

Li'l Hank's Guide for Songwriters and Musicians

Strange name for a good resource on publishing. Includes an auction, bookstore, marketing info, message board, and links to other songwriting sites. Even includes a guide to Open Mic and Showcases for those who live in the Los Angeles area. Site maintained by Hal Cohen, alias: Li'l Hank!


If you're an up and coming songwriter and want to see what makes the latest hit song such a hit, you'll find the lyrics here. Courtesy of Jeff Mallett.

Music Business Solutions

Great resource for musicians, songwriters, and anyone interested in the music business, includes articles and links other sites.

Musicians' Intellectual Law & Resources Links

A vast archive of resources on intellectual property law for musicians. Courtesy of Jay M. Schornstein.

Music Law 101

This site provides you with basic info you need to know about the music business, including a sample contract for musicians. Courtesy of attorney Michael S. Kakuk.

Nolo Books

When you want the latest advice on anything copyright or law related, and you’d rather save the lawyer’s fee and do-it-yourself, Nolo is the place to go. This publisher has a rep for keeping their books updated, many on an annual basis. While you're at the site, check out the Nolopedia of free legal information!


If you're business takes you outside of the USA, you need to know the latest currency exchange rates. This site also does currency conversion.

Passport Services

This U.S. State Department site tells you everything you need to know about getting a passport for that Euro Tour you’ve just booked!

Public Domain Music

If you're trying to find out if a song belongs to the public domain, this is place to go. Includes a listing of thousands of public domain songs. Maintained by the Public Domain Information Project.

Roadside America

When you've been on the road for too long and need a change, check out this site. From the World's Largest Olive to Metropolis, the Home of Superman. Fun places that you can visit when you're away from home.

Roll Your Own Record Label

If you'd like to extend your drumming business into starting your own label, this site contains lots of info to help you on your way including advice on recording, mastering, manufacturing, printing, sales promotion, touring, and more.

Travel Warnings

Before gigging overseas, check out the U.S. State Department’s travel warnings and consular information. Listed are the U.S embassies in foreign lands, political climates, and even health conditions.


If you're going on the road and would like to keep your drums (and yourself) safe and dry, check out the weather conditions first. This site covers the U.S. along with the rest of the world. Courtesy of The Weather Channel.

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