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TigerBill's DrumBeat Web Site Member Links

Stefano Ashbridge

Check out Stefano's Official Web site for a sample of his drumming ability. And if you happen to be in the LA area and in need of a drummer, look him up.


Commercial site offers Breakbeats, drum loops, sample CDs, and music production.

Pete Bremy

Me and Pete had a band back in high school. He plays drums and bass (the best of both worlds), works with Vince Martell, and recently went on tour with The Vanilla Fudge and Cactus.

Christopher Bright

Official Web site of drummer Christopher Bright.

Jake Burton - Nashville Drummer

Jake Burton is a professional drummer and the owner of Burton Entertainment.

Stephane Chamberland

Stephane is a drum instructor and performer located in Quebec City, Canada. Be sure to check him out on his Official Web site.

Wes Crawford

Washington, DC/Baltimore drummer Wes Crawford's site provides a free
online playable drumset as well as his unique "Drumset Play-Along DVD" and
"Rhythmic Murder Mystery" CD and other interesting drum media. Wes also hosts the annual Drumset Percussion Camp. Check him out and tell him that Tiger Bill sent you!

Pat Dennis

Pat Dennis (RIP) was one of the finest jazz guitarists on the planet and I was honored to have been able to work with him. A first rate musician, he could play multiple instruments in a variety of styles. And he had perfect pitch. Shortly before he passed away, Pat said I was the finest drummer he had ever worked with. I will always miss you, my friend.


If you like drum samples, drum tips on how best to record and more, check out Les Rumsey's site.

Jeff Guenther

Me and Jeff had a band in High School and, after not seeing him for a number of years, I recently had the chance to play with him again in his band Retrofitz, which covers classic rock and Jeff's original compositions. Jeff is a multi-talented musician who can play bass, guitar, and drums. Check him out.

Got Drummers?

Las Vegas based production company offers original drum shows to a variety of markets and venues.

Jamaican Traditional Drumming

Resource for traditional Jamaican drumming and percussion. Notation, video and information books.


The Web site of drummer/instructor/clinician John Simmons contains audio clips of John performing with his band Atomic Opera and the Smith Band, bio, photos, discography, and more.

Jacob Kaye

This is the Web site of Montreal drummer and instructor Jacob Kaye, who offers drum lessons and clinics and some free online video drum lessons as well.

Yoseph "Joe" Levy

Originally from Gibraltar, a British colony on the southern tip of Spain, drummer and instructor Yoseph now lives in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Check out his Official site.


Originally introduced in 2002 and used and promoted extensively by Tiger Bill himself, the MadPlayer is sold out and no longer being produced. Still available used in various locations online, the MadPlayer was a one of a kind audio device. The maker has since moved on to the more lucrative world of providing ring tones for cell phones.

Rex F. Mcleod

Official site of registered drum teacher (AIRMT) Rex McLeod's School of Drumming in Auckland, New Zealand.

Dave Mohn Site

Click the link for info on drummer and instructor Dave Mohn, including discography, gig dates, and more. Tell Dave that Tiger Bill sent you.

Jim Moore Site

Freelance drummer Jim Moore currently teaches in the Atlantic County areas of South Jersey. Check out his site and be sure to mention Tiger Bill sent you.

RePercussion: A Street Drumming Team Out of California

RePercussion is a street show incorporating three street drummers: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Originally designed for educational recycling shows, this troupe has recently been reaching audiences across the country through its entertainment qualities. Clcik the above link for a video clip and further info.

Enildo Rasúa

Check out the Official site of drummer Enildo Rasúa Vall-llosera available in Spanish only.

Chip Ritter

If you're into blues or drum solos or both, don't miss the MP3's at Chip's site. Also, check out his photos and video clips.

The Rock - Drum Studio

If you are looking for drum lessons in the Daytona Beach, Florida area - Gregg Eckerson is currently offering a no obligation free trial lesson.

Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz

Jon has had a steady gig for more than 20 years, how many guys can say that in this business? Check out the site of Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, who has appeared on all of Weird Al Yankovic's albums, videos, concert and television performances since the beginning!

Suiciety (care of Crazy McClendon!)

"Crazy" Scott McClendon is the drummer with the band Suiciety. Check out their Web site, which includes MP3 files to download, photos, and more.

Teach Me Drums

Dan Laskowski's site offers video clips and lessons.

West Virginia Wood Arts - Custom Engraved DrumSticks

If you're looking for a gift for your special DrumHead, check out these custom engraved drumsticks made of high quality hickory. Just send in any logo, graphic, signature, or even a photo. And because they are engraved and not painted, they will never fade. Tell them Tiger Bill sent you!

If you would like to find out how easy it is to get your Personal Drum, Percussion, Instrument, or Music related site listed here, free of charge, just click here!

Have fun, Stay loose, and I'll see you online!

Tiger Bill


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