Visually Mad Groove

If you love a challenge as much as me, then you should dig the following groove. It requires a combination of speed and coordination to play up to speed. What speed? As fast as you can play it while keeping it clean! I originally wrote this groove for a MadPlayers giveaway contest at Summer NAMM 2003 in Nashville but it proved to be too difficult for most dummers to play.

Test your skill by trying to play the groove and let me know if you can do it!

Note: The reason there are no feet involved in this groove is to demonstrate how you can simulate a cool groove using only two hands on a single snare drum, providing you have a little creativity and a double-triggered electronic snare drum! Note: The T is to be played with the right stick extended across the snare drum rim with the tip touching one side of the rim and the B is played using the butt of the stick on the other side of the rim. Execute the right stick part by rocking the stick back and forth alternately striking the tip and butt of the stick on the rim of the snare.

Visually MAD Groove
by Tiger Bill Meligari


Enjoy it!



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