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Your complete resource to info on the most famous drummers in the world. This page contains everyone who's anyone with a last name beginning in the letter A.

Dave Abbruzzese
Born: May 17, 1964. Here's a brief but comprehensive page on the Pearl Jam drummer that includes bio, discography, and drum setup. Courtesy of lukin.com.

Larry Aberman
From percussion soloist with the NY Philharmonic to studios in New York, Memphis and LA, Larry has composed and recording music for jingles, movie soundtracks and television and has worked with David Lee Roth, Lionel Richie, Adam Ant, Paul Williams, Joe Sample, and many more. Check out his official Web site.

LaDell Abrams
I'm looking for a good link on LaDell. If you've got one, please click here to email it to us.

Alex Acuna
Born: December 12, 1944. Homepage for the Peruvian drummer and percussionist who has played with Elvis Presley, Diana Ross, U2, Al Jarreau, Michael Jackson, and others. He also worked with the innovative jazz group Weather Report, first as percussionist and then as drummer! Check out Alex's site.

Jotan Afanador
Jotan, who has been playing drums since the age of 2, has played with a number of artists including Yolandita Monje, Jerry Rivera, Alejandro Montaner, BMG’s Alexander Pires, Warner Music Latina, Jessica Jimenez, and EMI‘s Alvaro Torres. He is also a WFD Champ and the creator of his "Shaking Vibrations" hand technique.

Click the above link for his bio and look under M for more on Airto Moreira.

Bruce Aitken
I've known award winning drummer, educator, and promoter Bruce Aitken since 2001 when he first contacted me in regard to his Cape Breton International Drum Festival. Not only does he head up one of the world's premier drum events, he has recently released a CD with his drum duo Project A.D. and an instructional DVD. Click the above link for more on Bruce at his Official Web site.

Click the following link for more information on his incredible Cape Breton International Drum Festival and here to see Bruce in action in exclusive video coverage of the Cape Breton International Drum Festival 2005.

Tommy Aldridge
Born: August 15, 1950. Click the above link for the scoop on Tommy (who has powered the likes of Black Oak Arkansas, Ozzy, Pat Travers, Whitesnake, and others) and his appearance with Thin Lizzy. From Euphony Online.

Steve Alexander
I'm looking for a good link on Steve. If you've got one, please click here to email it to us.

Tim Alexander
Info on the ex-Primus drummer, Tim "Herb" Alexander.

Rashied Ali
John Coltrane's drummer plays songs that bring back memories of the great Trane. Catch some sample MP3s.

Don Alias
Conga player and percussionist Don Alias has worked with the likes of David Sanborn, George Benson, James Taylor, Al Jarreau, Quincy Jones, Chick Corea, Miles Davis and Roberta Flack in addition to his own band. Here's an interview with Don, courtesy of DigitalInterviews.com.

Carl Allen
Carl is not only a player, having worked for many years with Freddie Hubbard and other greats, but co-founded Big Apple Productions with altoist Vincent Herring. See what Carl's been up to lately on his official Web site.

Rick Allen
Born: November 1, 1963. Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen proves that you don't need two arms to play drums; Rick does it with only one! Check him out on this great fan site, compliments of B. Riffola. Debbie has another super site on Rick.

Robby Ameen
Robby has played with Dizzy Gillespie, Eddie Palmieri, Ruben Blades, Dave Valentin, Paul Simon, and others. To find out more, visit Robby's official site.

Billy Amendola
Billy is a New York based musician who, in addition to charting 3 top 10 dance singles with his band Mantus, has played on numerous recordings for demo and album projects, and TV and radio commercials for companies like McDonalds & Wendys. And, in his spare time, he is an Editor/Advertising Associate for Modern Drummer Magazine and the inventor of Slappers.

Scott Amendola
This versatile New Jersey born drummer is at home playing just about any musical style. His official Web site contains sample MP3s, gig list, photos, press quotes, and more.

Based on Keith Moon of The Who, here's one Muppet who really rocks – and he knows how to dress too! Check out his profile, courtesy of Muppets.com.

Charly Antolini
I'm looking for a good English link on Charly. If you've got one, please click here to email it to us.

Carmine Appice
Born: December 15, 1946. Who do you think of whenever you think of Vanilla Fudge? Carmine, of course. This official Web site for Carmine Appice contains bio, discography, photos, open BB, MP3s, and more. Also, check out Carmine's PowerRock site. And here's more on Carmine from IUMA.com.

Vinnie Appice
Bio, photos, and discography of Vinnie Appice, Carmine's little brother.

Kenny Aronoff
Born: March 7, 1953. Pop, rock, or studio drumming, Kenny does it all. Here's his own homepage featuring bio, awards, discography, photos, past tour list, fan comments, and current events.

Billy Ashbaugh
This is the official homepage of *NSYNC drummer Billy Ashbaugh. Check it out.

Marc Atkinson
In addition to writing The UnReel Drum Book, Marc has worked with artists Wayne Newton, Jessica Simpson, Neal McCoy, David Foster, Backstreet Boys, Quincy Jones and numerous others.

Mike Avory
Born: February 15, 1944. If you're into '60s British Pop you muyst remember The Kinks. Here's an interview with their drummer, courtesy of David Barnes.


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