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Your complete resource to info on the most famous drummers in the world. This page contains everyone who's anyone with a last name beginning in the letter O.

Burhan Ocal
Combining Turkish music with jazz and classical, Burhan uses a wide variety of percussion instruments in his work. He made his debut in the U.S. playing with Eliot Fisk and later with the George Gruntz Band. Check out his bio, courtesy of Europe Jazz Network.

Babatunde Olatunji
Babatunde, known as the father of African music in America, has been spreading his love of percussion across our country for over 40 years. Cehck out the above link for Babatunde's official site. Also, check out his interview with Jason Gross, from Perfect Sound Forever. More info on this site, hosted by after-science.com.

Jamie Oldaker
Over the past three decades, Oldaker has worked with top artists, including Eric Clapton, Bob Seger, Stephen Stills, and Peter Frampton. Click the above link for an interview, courtesy of cyberdrum.com.

Nigel Olsson
Born February 10, 1949. Click the above link for an interview with Elton John's original drummer/backing vocalist, courtesy of Berklee College of Music. Here's a link to Nigel's bio and discography, from ArtistDirect.com. Also, here's a link to the Official Nigel Olsson Fan Club.

John Otto
Born: 1978. Metal band Limp Bizkit's drummer. I'm looking for a good link on John. If you've got one, please click here to email it to us.


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