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Conga Masters:

Changuito and Giovanni Duets



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Let's check out this DVD featuring two master musicians.

Two Masters, Eight Drums, Two Duets!
Jose Luis Quintana "Changuito" is one of the world's leading percussionists whose work with the legendary Cuban band Los Van Van has influenced drummers worldwide.

Giovanni Hidalgo, who has worked with Eddie Palmieri, Batacumbele, Dizzy Gillespie, Planet Drum, and many other, is widely considered to be the greatest conga player of all time.

Each master plays on four conga drums.

First Duet 30'02": Changuito starts off and Giovanni joins the fun in perfect form. Once they hit the double-time section, the fun really begins with a drum-battle type exchange between the two greats.

Hand Movement 1: Changuito and Giovanni demonstrate the rocking hand movement used extensively in the second duet.

Second Duet 9'18": Changuito and Giovanni start out together in-sync and break out into an impressive rhythmic interplay. Both masters have ample opportunity to trade licks showing off their impressive technique.

Conga Masters: Changuito and Giovanni Duets - The Bottom Line
I recommend this DVD mainly for its performance value. The rhythmic interplay between two masters of percussion is a joy to experience.

If you are looking for detailed instruction, you won't find it here. "Hand Movement 1" is the only chapter featuring a demonstration and that consists of only one hand technique played in quarter notes, eighth notes and sixteenth notes consecutively.

However, if you find it easy to learn technique simply from watching a fine performance, you will find this DVD a valuable learning tool as well.

While this DVD, from Alfred Publishing, is well worth its retail price of $19.95, it can also be purchased at a discount online: Conga Masters: Changuito and Giovanni Duets

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