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Jeff Salem

A Rhythmic Twist

Triplet Concepts for Drumset

Book/Play-Along MP3 CD

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This book is basically for drummers who have grown up listening to straight-eighth-note-based rock, metal, and pop music and want to become more proficient when playing triplet-based grooves or styles.

Let's check it out.

Main Contents

Author Bio

What Are Triplets: Includes triplet warm-up exercise.

Triplet-Based Grooves and Styles
Includes 12/8 Grooves, Shuffles, Jazz, Hip-Hop, World, and Eighth-Note Triplets and variations plus lists of recommended songs to listen to for each style.

A Rhythmic Twist Concert
A creative approach to triplet-based fills and grooves.

CHAPTER 1 - Fills with Alternate Sticking and No Rests

CHAPTER 2 - Fills and Grooves Adding One Bass Drum Note

CHAPTER 3 - Fills and Grooves Adding Two Bass Drum Notes

CHAPTER 4 - Paradiddle Ideas

CHAPTER 5 - Combination Fill and Groove Ideas

CHAPTER 6 - Fills with Rests including Foot Ostinatos

CHAPTER 7 - Thirty-Second Notes To Sixteenth-Note Triplet Ideas

CHAPTER 8 - Combination Ideas, Fills, and Grooves

Grooves and Applications
Triplet grooves based on several styles including blues, shuffles, jazz, reggae, Afro-Cuban, New-Orleans, double bass and ghost note applications.

Recommended Books and DVDs - Featuring Triplet-Based Grooves, Fills, and Play-Along Songs.


Bonus Play-Along MP3 CD
Contains every example in the book demonstrated by Jeff Salem and play-along tracks in different styles that allow you to practice all the concepts you've learned.

A Rhythmic Twist: The Bottom Line
A great book and CD combination for anyone looking to learn more about the triplet-based grooves and fills used in R&B, jazz, hip-hop, blues, and Afro-Cuban music.

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A Rhythmic Twist

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