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Led Zeppelin - Mothership

Drumset Edition Book


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Not Just For Fans o f Led Zeppelin or John Bonham
They burst onto the music scene in November of 1968 and 12 years and eight albums later, they were gone. According to the band's singer Robert Plant "The band didn't exist, the minute Bonzo died." Drummer John Bonham, a hugely influential drummer who died at the age of only 32, propelled Led Zeppelin into hard rock history during those 12 brief years.

This book contains the drum transcriptions of what many consider to be Led Zeppelin's best songs.

The Top 24
Here are the featured Drum transcriptions:

Good Time Bad Times

Communication Breakdown

Dazed and Confused

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

Whole Lotta Love

Ramble On


Immigrant Song

Since I've Been Loving You

Rock and Roll

Black Dog

When The Levee Breaks

Stairway To Heaven

The Song Remains The Same

Over The Hills And Far Away

D'yer Mak'er

No Quarter

Trampled Under Foot

Houses of The Holy


Nobody's Fault But Mine

Achilles Last Stand

In The Evening

All My Love

The transcripts in this book were done by Joe Bergamini and Marc Atkinson and, aside from a few errors that I found, they are quite accurate. Note that although Joe Begamini also wrote 23 transcripts of Classic Bonham Drum Tracks for his book Drum Techniques of Led Zeppelin, this book contains 9 additional transcripts not in that collection.

Led Zeppelin Mothership: The Bottom Line

I recommend this book of transcripts to drummers of all styles, not just rock fans. Anyone can benefit from this collection of drummer John Bonham's greatest grooves and fills. And for those who don't have all of the original audio tracks to play along with, they can all be found on the CD/DVD collection Mothership.

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