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Thomas Lang Creative Control

Book/CD & DVD Package

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Designed to be used alone or in combination with the Creative Control DVD*, the Thomas Lang Creative Control book/CD is a step-by-step system that mirrors what he has used to develop his speed, control, and coordination.

The book is actually organized into two main sections. The first covers Lang's exercises and the second provides musical examples that utilize many of the drills presented in the first part. There are also play-along rhythm charts for five songs from the original DVD, specially re-mixed without drums on the included audio CD.

Let's check it out.

Part 1: The Method

Chapter 1 - Singles: This chapter contains the warm-ups and exercises that Lang uses to build ambidexterity around the drumset. The goal is to be able to play anything with both hands and both feet in any combination. Included are hand and foot flams drills.

Chapter 2 - Doubles: This section warm ups between hands and feet and moves into three over four polyrhythms, ostinatos, and playing double stroke rolls on the double bass against basic grooves in the hands.

Chapter 3 - Combinations of Singles & Doubles & Advanced Coordination: In the two exercsies that comprise this chapter, Thomas provides you with some ideas that can be greatly expanded upon and permutated into literally endless combinations.

Chapter 4 - Multi-Pedal Orchestrations: Lang is probably best known for his Multi-Pedal Orchestrations or MPOs, as he calls them. Lang opens this section with an explanation of his approach to foot technique followed by some of his favorite developmental drills.

Chapter 5 - Movement and Mechanics: Exercises in this section concentrate on the physical aspects of drumming and are designed to help you build up your body.

Chapter 6 - Twin FX, Advanced Coordination, & Creative Foot Control: Lang's exercises developed for use with the Sonor® Giant Step Twin Effect pedal. which is a pedal that lets you play two independent footboards one with your toes and the other with your heel. If you don't have one of these specialized pedals, you could apply these exercsies to heel toe rocking on a nornal footboard.

Part 2: The Music

The second part of the book contains five drum charts each prefixed with explanations by Lang. You can use these charts in two ways, First, to follow along with Lang's part on the full mix of each of the five songs on the included audio CD. You can also use the charts to play along with the music minus drums version of each of the five songs to create your own masterpiece.

Thomas Lang Creative Control Book/CD/DVD: The Bottom Line
If you are looking for a how- to guide to playing specific hand and foot techniques, this book isn't it. But if you already have your chops together, this book will provide you with exercises and drills that you can use to improve your existing coordination, speed, endurance,and control around the drumset, and it will give you tons of ideas that can help you expand your own creativity. I recommend it for intermediate and advanced players of all styles.


*Review Update: This book/audio CD combo is no longer available separately as reviewed here. It is now part of a package that also includes the DVD. (Check out my review of the DVD here).

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